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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Geographic Area Library Type Links
Magyar allatorvosi bibliografia [Bibliography of Hungarian veterinary literature 1990-1992] 1995 Magyar Allatorvosi Bibliografia Europe - Hungary details   openurl
Aalai, E.; Gleghorn, C.; Webb, A.; Glover, S.W. Accessing public health information: a preliminary comparison of CABI's GLOBAL HEALTH database and MEDLINE 2009 Health Information and Libraries Journal details   doi
Alpi, K.M.; Brown, J.C.J.; Neel, J.A.; Grindem, C.B.; Linder, K.E.; Harper, J.B. Scanning technology selection impacts acceptability and usefulness of image-rich content 2016 Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA Academic details   doi
Alpi, Kristine; Hoggan, Chad Recognizing the Value of Threshold Concepts: Application of a Conceptual Tool to Professional Students Learning to Be Researchers 2016 Reference Librarian Academic details   doi
Angello, Consolata; Msuya, Jangawe; Matovelo, Doris Assessing the information needs and information sources of urban and peri-urban livestock keepers in Kinondoni and Morogoro Urban Districts, Tanzania 2016 Library Philosophy & Practice Africa - Tanzania details   url
Bansal, Sonia; Kumar, Sanjeev Use of Online Public Access Catalogues: A Case study 2017 SRELS Journal of Information Management Asia - India Academic details   doi
Bruce, Norma J. The Veterinary Medicine Library 60 years of service, 1929-1989 1989 The Speculum United States details   url
Cserey, L.; Tapolcai, Agnes ent and future of the central library [of the Veterinary Medical University, Budapest] � its role in developmental projects of education. 1993 Magyar állatorvosok lapja Europe - Hungary details   openurl
Duggirala, Hesha J.; Tonning, Joseph M.; Smith, Ella; Bright, Roselie A.; Baker, John D.; Ball, Robert; Bell, Carlos; Bright-Ponte, Susan J.; Botsis, Taxiarchis; Bouri, Khaled; Boyer, Marc; Burkhart, Keith; Condrey, G.Steven; Chen, James J.; Chirtel, Stuart; Filice, Ross W.; Francis, Henry; Hongying Jiang; Levine, Jonathan; Martin, David Use of data mining at the Food and Drug Administration 2016 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Government details   doi
Erdmann, Charlotte; Saunders, E.Stewart; Stephens, Gretchen Mission-Focused Collections: Rebirth of the Seminarbibliothek as an Ebook Collection 2017 Collection Management Academic details   doi
Ferro, D.G. Scientific information in veterinary medicine: the information access among lato sensu post-graduating courses 2012 Informa���§���£o cientifica em medicina veterin���¡ria: o accesso ���  informa���§���£o entre p���³s-granduandos de cursos lato sensu Latin America - Brazil details   url
Folsom, Steven Wrangling Metadata from HathiTrust and PubMed to Provide Full-Text Linking to The Cornell Veterinarian 2015 Serials Librarian Journal article details   doi
Greenidge, E. Information resources and services for veterinary medicine at the Medical Sciences Library 2001 Journal of the Caribbean Veterinary Medical Association The Caribbean details   openurl
Gupta, B.; Ahmed, K.; Gupta, Ritu; Tiwari, Rishi World camel research: a scientometric assessment, 2003-2012 2015 Scientometrics Asia - India details   doi
Gupta, Ritu; Satyendra, Sharma, Gupta, B.M. India's Contribution To Rabies Research: A Scientometric Assessment Of Its Publications Output During 1999-2014 2015 Information Studies Asia - India details   doi
Hall, Susan L.; Marshall, Derek Embedded librarianship in branch settings: customizing liaison services 2014 New Library World Academic details   doi
Halling, T. D.; Moberly, H. K.; Pepper, C.; Carrigan, E. Exploring national veterinary medicine outreach 2014 Journal of Agricultural & Food Information Academic details   doi
Hausberger, Claudia; Frank, David Curriculumsreform – ein Arbeitsbericht aus der Universitätsbibliothek der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien 2014 GMS Medizin-Bibliothek-Information Europe - Austria academic details   doi
Huntley, S.J.; Dean, R.S.; Massey, A.; Brennan, M.L. International evidence-based medicine survey of the veterinary profession: information sources used by veterinarians 2016 PLoS ONE details   doi
Kerby, E.E. Research data services in veterinary medicine libraries 2016 Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA Academic details   doi
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