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Roffe, Thomas J.; Jones, Lee C.; Coffin, Kenneth; Sweeney, Steven J.; Hansen, Richard D. Parental Delivery of Vaccines to Free-Ranging Bison in Yellowstone National Park 2010 details   openurl
Schen-Langenheim, Greta Evaluation of semiochemical strategies for the protection of whitebark pine stands against mountain pine beetle attack within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem 2010 details   openurl
The Marshall/Firehole hotel 2009 details   url
Aune, Keith Edward; Cheville, Norman F.; Davis, Donald S.; Hunter, David; Rhyan, Jack C. Standardized Sample Collection Protocols for Bison 2009 details   openurl
Condon, David de Lancey Invaluable natural assets in Yellowstone National Park suffer from vandalistic [sic] acts 2009 details   openurl
Essig, Brian F. Constructing the Western landscape: National Park Architecture 2009 details   openurl
Fullerton, S. Summary and impressions from beaver survey (1979-1980) 2009 details   openurl
Garrott, Robert A.; White, Patrick James; Watson, Fred G.R. The ecology of large mammals in central Yellowstone : sixteen years of integrated field studies 2009 details   openurl
Lee, Craig M. Reconnaissance for ice patch archaeology, Yellowstone National Park : results of the 2008 field season 2009 details   openurl
Loubsky, Todd Visitor perceptions of Yellowstone National Park : ecological and social implications of winter recreation / 2009 details   openurl
Morgan, Lisa Ann; Shanks, Wayne C.I.I.I.; Pierce, Kenneth Lee Hydrothermal processes above a large magma chamber: Large hydrothermal systems and hydrothermal explosions in Yellowstone National Park 2009 details   openurl
Patla, Debra A.; Gould, William R. Amphibian monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone network – project report 2007 : Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, 2009 2009 details   openurl
Pritchard, Chad; Larson, Peter B.; Hart, Garret Variable source rocks for low oxygen isotope rhyolites of the eastern Upper Basin Member of the Plateau Rhyolites, Yellowstone Caldera, WY 2009 details   openurl
Sanders, Paul Hugh; Clayton, Carmen J.; Wedel, Dale L. The 2007 class III cultural resource block inventory and limited test excavations at the Lake developed area, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2009 details   openurl
Shen, Wan; Jian, Tang; Wolff, R.S. Reliable routing for roadside to vehicle communications in rural areas 2009 3933-3937 details   openurl
Singer, Francis J.; Harter, M.K. Interactive effects of an autumn wildfire and elk herbivory on an elk winter range 2009 details   openurl
Singer, Francis J. Effects of native ungulates on the shrubs in big sagebrush communities in Yellowstone National Park 2009 details   openurl
Sjostrom, Derek J.; Hren, Michael T.; Horton, Travis W.; Waldbauer, Jacob R.; Chamberlain, C.Page Stable isotopic evidence for a pre-late Miocene elevation gradient in the Great Plains – Rocky Mountain region, USA 2009 details   openurl
Summons, Roger E.; Amend, Jan P.; Shock, Everett L.; Meyer-Dombard, D.'Arcy Renee; Bradley, Alexander Smith; Hays, Lindsay Ecophysiology of Streamer-forming Biofilm Communities 2009 details   openurl
Urbigkit, Cat Yellowstone wolves: a chronicle of the animal, the people, and the politics 2009 details   openurl
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