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Stevenson, D. (ed) [Unpublished report on game studies detail, incomplete] 1920 details   url
McGill, Brian J.; Hadly, Elizabeth Anne; Maurer, Brian A. Community inertia of Quaternary small mammal assemblages in North America 2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 16701-16706 details   url
Greater Yellowstone Area Clean Air Partnership (ed) Greater Yellowstone Area air quality assessment update 2005 details   url
Natural Resource Year in Review, 2001 2002 details   url
Smith, Douglas W.; Stahler, Daniel R.; Guernsey, Debra S. Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report, 2003 2004 Ycr-Nr-2004-04 details   url
Smith, Douglas W.; Stahler, Daniel R.; Guernsey, Debra S. Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report, 2002 2003 details   url
McEneaney, Terrence M.(Terry) Yellowstone Bird Report, 2001 2002 details   url
Smith, Douglas W.; Guernsey, Debra S. Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report, 2001 2002 details   url
U.S.Coast and Geodetic Survey Earthquake fault system Yellowstone National Park 1959 details   url
Pringle, Thomas H. Widespread Mitochondrial Disease in North American Bison 2011 Natureprecedings details   url
Pierson, David David Pierson papers, 1929-1961 details   url
Pierce, Kenneth Lee; Morgan, Lisa Ann; Saltus, Richard W. Yellowstone plume head : Postulated tectonic relations to the Vancouver slab, continental boundaries, and climate 2000 details   url
Mack, John A.; Singer, Francis J. Population models for elk, mule deer, and moose on Yellowstone's northern winter range 1993 Ecological issues on reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park 270-305 details   url
Farmer, Jack D. Microbial Paleontology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Modern and Ancient Thermal Spring Deposits and Their Recognition on the Early Earth and Mars details   url
Bargar, Keith E.; Dzurisin, Daniel Bibliography and brief history of studies by the U. S. Geological Survey in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana: 1965-1986 1986 details   url
Hurwitz, Shaul; Christiansen, Lizet B.; Hsieh, Paul A. Hydrothermal fluid flow and deformation in large calderas: Inferences from numerical simulations 2007 Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth 112 Art. No. B02206 details   url
Bruzgul, Judsen E.; Hadly, Elizabeth Anne Non-random patterns in the Yellowstone ecosystem: inferences from mammalian body size, order and biogeographical affinity 2007 Global Ecology and Biogeography 16 139-148 details   url
Creel, Scott R.; Christianson, David Alan; Liley, Stewart Grayson; Winnie, John Arthur Jr. Predation risk affects reproductive physiology and demography of elk 2007 Science 315 960-960 details   url
Lyons, Eric M.; Pote, John; DaCosta, Michelle; Huang, Bingru Whole-plant carbon relations and root respiration associated with root tolerance to high soil temperature for Agrostis grasses 2007 Environmental and Experimental Botany 59 307-313 details   url
Lynch, Heather Joan; Renkin, Roy A.; Crabtree, Robert L.; Moorcroft, Paul Richard The influence of previous mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) activity on the 1988 Yellowstone fires 2006 Ecosystems 9 1318-1327 details   url
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