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Hollenbeck, Jeff P.; Ripple, William J. Aspen snag dynamics, cavity-nesting birds, and trophic cascades in Yellowstone's northern range 2008 Forest Ecology and Management 2551103 1095-1103 details   url
Blankenship, Robert E.; Rothschild, Lynn Justine The Protective Roles of the Antioxidant Enzymes Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase in the Green Photosynthetic Bacterium Chloroflexus Aurantiacus 2004 Document ID: 20040043711 details   url
Guidry, Sean Andre; Chafetz, Henry S. Siliceous Shrubs in Yellowstone's Hot Springs: Implications for Exobiological Investigations 2003 Document ID: 20030110733 details   url
Guidry, Sean Andre; Chafetz, Henry S. Petrography and Stable Isotopic Trend Associated with Mammoth Hotspring Travertine, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2002 Document ID: 20020045689 details   url
Lau, Evan Cyanobacterial Community Structure In Lithifying Mats of A Yellowstone Hotspring-Implications for Precambrian Stromatolite Biocomplexity 2002 Document ID: 20020064475 details   url
Rothschild, Lynn Justine The Indirect Effect of UV: Some Good News for Microbes? 2002 Document ID: 20020073064 details   url
Schwartz, Charles C.; Haroldson, Mark A. Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Investigations: Annual Report of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team, 2001 2002 Pb2002108677 details   openurl
Habes, D.J. Health Hazard Evaluation Report: HETA 99-0283-2855, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2001 Heta9902832855; Pb2002108260 details   openurl
Spruce, Joseph P. Low-Altitude AVIRIS Data for Mapping Land Cover in Yellowstone National Park: Use of Isodata Clustering Techniques 2001 Document ID: 20020045180 details   url
Spruce, Joseph P.; Warner, Amanda; Terrie, Greg; Davis, Bruce Development of Ground Reference GIS for Assessing Land Cover Maps of Northeast Yellowstone National Park 2001 Document ID: 20040013466 details   url
Air quality concerns related to snowmobile usage in national parks 2000 Pb2002105272 22 details   openurl
Shropshire, D.E. Demonstration of Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Development: An Application on Alternative Fuels in the Greater Yellowstone-Teton Region 2000 Ineelext200001441; De2001777108 details   openurl
Thermophile endospores have responsive exosporium for attachment 1999 Bnl-67524 3 details   openurl
Locke, William W. Holocene vertical surface displacements in Yellowstone National Park: the shorelines of Yellowstone Lake 1989 Final report to the National Science Foundation un 32 details   openurl
Thomson, Frederick J. Thirteen category recognition map Yellowstone National Park produced from from ERTS-1 MSS data 1974 Erim-193300-43-L 4 details   openurl
Thomson, Frederick J. Processing and Analysis of ERTS-1 Remotely Sensed Data 1973 193300-6-L details   openurl
Thomson, Frederick J.; Polcyn, F.C.; Leonard, Bryan M.; Sattinger, I.; Malila, W.A. Multidisciplinary Investigations Utilizing ERTS-1 Data 1973 Erim-193300-24-L details   openurl
Thomson, Frederick J. ERIM Progress Report on Use of ERTS-1 Data: Summary Report of Work on Ten Tasks 1973 Erim197300-16-P details   openurl
Su, M.Y. Unsupervised Classification of Remote Multispectral Sensing Data 1972 Nasa Cr-123719; Tr-220-1075 details   openurl
Rinehart, John Sargent Fluctuations in geyser activity caused by variations in earth tidal forces, barometric pressure, and tectonic stresses 1971 Noaa 72042007 details   openurl
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