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Larson, Evan R. Influences of the biophysical environment on blister rust and mountain pine beetle, and their interactions, in whitebark pine forests 2011 Journal of Biogeography 38 453-470 details   openurl
Hendrix, Marc S. Geology underfoot in Yellowstone country 2011 302 details   openurl
Hamilton, Trinity L.;Boyd, Eric Stephen;Peters, John W. Environmental Constraints Underpin the Distribution and Phylogenetic Diversity of nifH in the Yellowstone Geothermal Complex 2011 Microbial Ecology 61 860-870 details   openurl
Jensen, Sheila I.;Steunou, Anne-Soisig;Bhaya, Devaki;Kuehl, Michael;Grossman, Arthur R. In situ dynamics of O-2, pH and cyanobacterial transcripts associated with CCM, photosynthesis and detoxification of ROS 2011 ISME Journal 5 317-328 details   openurl
Miller, Joshua Hays Ghosts of Yellowstone: Multi-Decadal Histories of Wildlife Populations Captured by Bones on a Modern Landscape 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e18057 details   openurl
Simard, Martin;Romme, William H.;Griffin, Jacob M.;Turner, Monica Goigel Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests? 2011 Ecological Monographs 81 3-24 details   openurl
Kimble, David Stuart;Tyers, Daniel Bruce;Robison-Cox, James F.;Sowell, Bok F. Aspen Recovery Since Wolf Reintroduction on the Northern Yellowstone Winter Range 2011 Rangeland Ecology & Management 64 119-130 details   openurl
White, Patrick James;Garrott, Robert A.;Hamlin, Kenneth L.;Cook, Rachel C.;Cook, John G.;Cunningham, Julie A. Body condition and pregnancy in northern Yellowstone elk: Evidence for predation risk effects? 2011 Ecological Applications 21 3-8 details   openurl
Wilson, Erin E.;Wolkovich, Elizabeth M. Scavenging: how carnivores and carrion structure communities 2011 Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26 129-135 details   openurl
Mori, Akira S. Ecosystem management based on natural disturbances: hierarchical context and non-equilibrium paradigm 2011 Journal of Applied Ecolgy 48 280-292 details   openurl
Proffitt, Kelly M.;Gude, Justin A.;Hamlin, Kenneth L.;Garrott, Robert A.;Cunningham, Julie A.;Grigg, Jamin L. Elk distribution and spatial overlap with livestock during the brucellosis transmission risk period 2011 Journal of Applied Ecology 48 471-478 details   openurl
Sawaya, Michael A.; Ruth, Toni Karen;Creel, Scott R.;Rotella, Jay J.;Stetz, Jeffrey B.;Quigley, Howard B.;Kalinowski, Steven T. Evaluation of Noninvasive Genetic Sampling Methods for Cougars in Yellowstone National Park 2011 Journal of Wildlife Management 75 612-622 details   openurl
Cardenas, Bayani;Neale, Christopher M.U.;Jaworowski, Cheryl;Heasler, Henry High-resolution mapping of river-hydrothermal water mixing: Yellowstone National Park 2011 International Journal of Remote Sensing 32 2765-2777 details   openurl
Flynn, Kyle F.;van Liew, Michael W. Evaluation of SWAT for sediment prediction in a mountainous snowmelt-dominated catchment 2011 Transactions of the ASABE 54 113-122 details   openurl
Griffin, Jacob M.;Turner, Monica Goigel;Simard, Martin Nitrogen cycling following mountain pine beetle disturbance in lodgepole pine forests of Greater Yellowstone 2011 Forest Ecology and Management 261 1077-1089 details   openurl
Stefano, C.J.;Mukasa, S.B.;Andronikov, A.;Leeman, William P. Water and other volatile systematics of olivine-hosted melt inclusions from the Yellowstone hotspot track 2011 Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 161 615-633 details   openurl
Geremia, Chris;White, Patrick James;Wallen, Richard Lee;Watson, Fred G.R.;Treanor, John J.;Borkowski, John J.;Potter, Christopher S.;Crabtree, Robert L. Predicting Bison Migration out of Yellowstone National Park Using Bayesian Models 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e16848 details   openurl
Metz, Matthew C.;Vucetich, John A.;Smith, Douglas W.;Stahler, Daniel R.;Peterson, Rolf Olin Effect of Sociality and Season on Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Foraging Behavior: Implications for Estimating Summer Kill Rate 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e17332 details   openurl
Benson, Courtney A.;Bizzoco, Richard L.Weiss;Lipson, David A.;Kelley, Scott T. Microbial diversity in nonsulfur, sulfur and iron geothermal steam vents 2011 FEMS MIcrobiology Ecology 76 74-88 details   openurl
Cox, Alysia;Shock, Everett L.;Havig, Jeff Robert The transition to microbial photosynthesis in hot spring ecosystems 2011 Chemical Geology 280 344-351 details   openurl
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